Happy Labor Day

It’s Labor Day! A day that we honor our country’s work force and who has to go to work today? Service industry folks like us servers, that’s who. I saw my friend Nora headed for her restaurant job this morning and she was bemoaning the fact the day would be total shit. Isn’t it ironic that waiters so often have to work on a day that is supposed to be for us, and it’s a day when we make no fucking money at all because everyone is at the beach or the park? I was also thinking about how many women must have babies on Labor Day and then their husband has to make some stupid ass joke about it. “Gee, honey, I know it’s Labor Day, but did you have to take it so seriously? Hardy har har. Get it? Labor day and you’re in labor?” And then the woman punches him in the balls. Anyhoo, I am keeping this short because I am taking my ass to Central Park to celebrate the day by playing Frisbee and then taking a nap in the sun. Go do something special for Labor day, y’all. Go plant a tree. Or is that Arbor Day?

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16 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day

  1. Noelle

    Yep working too. In resort town so we have been slamming busy all week-end. Tomorrow is industry appreciation day and we give everyone in the biz half price food. crazy busy. I know the meaning of Labor.

  2. Anonymous

    I seriously wonder what is wrong with you? What has left such a bad taste in your mouth for families? Husbands and wives, have a couple kids… what's it to you? It doesn't have anything to do with you obviously, so why do you care?

  3. Mary A.

    I had 3 c-sections, so I've never been in labor, but I'm all for using this day to celebrate childbirth! Especially since people who actually labor never get this day off.Oh, and Anonymous can suck it.

  4. Anonymous

    It's funny that Mary A. wouldn't agree with me. She has a "dreamy husband" and 3 upstanding sons. not to mention the weight problem she talks about. I would think she would agree whole heartedly. I guess her family doesn't mean that much to her afterall.

  5. Wendy

    Bitchy, don't talk to Anonymous. He can't explain anything in a well-spoken fashion. He's just pissed that he doesn't "get" your humour!But *I* think you are HILARIOUS!!!=-)

  6. Donda

    Oh Dear BW, why are you always stirrin' the pot. Send some crazy over my way. That's how I keep myself in a manic episode. Please and Thank You 🙂

  7. Elise-Lucie

    If Anonymous is over 14 years old, then he must be a very, very sad person."It doesn't have anything to do with you obviously, so why do you care?" Maybe you should follow your own words.You may also want to check out "sophism" in the dictionary, because it is the only component of your argumentation. I am surprised that you, a mature and true fighter of the "rights" of families, didn't know there were two categories of mothers: the ones with a sense of humor and the ones with none. Mary A. must belong to the first kind. Do you know her? Then who the hell are you to attack her personally? And now, are you going to go through my profile & blog with the hope of finding something you could mock me for? Is this your way of blowing your mind?@Bitchy Waiter, you rock.


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