Frozen Water is the Bane of My Existence

Anyone who works in a restaurant probably has the same feelings that I do about restocking the ice bin. It is a huge pain in the ass. Why is ice so fucking heavy, anyway? The ice bin is a big slimy wet dank metal cube that is forever needing my attention and I am sick of dealing with it. I want to move to Europe where they all like everything without the ice so I can ignore the evil that is frozen water cubes.

If I ever own or design a restaurant I want to make sure the ice machine is close to the ice bin. On second thought, if I ever own or design a restaurant, someone please either wake me up from the nightmare I’m having or shoot me in the back of the head. In every place I have ever worked, the ice machine is about twenty blocks away from where the ice needs to be used. As I stocked the ice last time at my job I began to contemplate how completely inconvenient the location of the ice maker is. First off, you have to fill this giant one-handled bucket with ice three times in order to get enough ice to last the evening. The ice maker is in this teeny tiny narrow closet. After bucket number one is filled, I have to back up to get out of the room and shimmy through the door because it won’t stay open on its on. I then have to lug the bucket around a crowded corner where there are glass racks stored and then go through a swinging door. A swinging door like in an old timey western saloon kind of place. You know what I mean? Then I have to get through another doorway and then go upstairs to the bar. This must be done three times. What the fuck? Yeah, don’t put the ice machine someplace where it is convenient or anything, it’s no problem. Fuckers.

At my last job, (VYNL Second Avenue in NYC. The owner is a prick.) the ice machine was also downstairs. Really steep metal stairs that I fell down once and busted my skinny ass on. There, we had to fill up a total of four buckets and make two trips up the stairs of death with a bucket in each hand, risking life and limb just so those Upper East Side bitches could have ice in their diet Cokes with lemon. Again, why not put the fucking ice machine nearby? At the job before that (Marriott, Brooklyn. Holla!) the ice machine was literally in a different part of the hotel. Like it was so far away we had to roll a trolley there and load it up with ice and then roll it back to the restaurant. Like it was so fucking far away you had to get a goddamn bus transfer to get back. Once more, in-fucking-convenient.

My solution? First, I propose that we make a big sign to hang on the door of the restaurant that says “Ice is Out of Order.” If that is unacceptable, then why not just put the ice maker directly over the ice bin at the bar so that as the ice is made, it can just tumble directly into the desired location? It would be like
Manna from Heaven or the Nectar of the Gods. Except it would just be ice. That I don’t have to carry.


14 thoughts on “Frozen Water is the Bane of My Existence

  1. purplegirl

    That's fucking ridiculous! Why the hell would anybody put the ice machines in places like that? Jesus christ. I guess I've been lucky, everywhere I've worked the ice machine was around the corner from the ice bin. Damn.

  2. BB

    hahah that's so ridiculous it's funny.. but at the bar's expense not at yours.. it's like whoever was designing the bar forgot about the need to refill the ice bin and just threw it whereever as an afterthought. Our ice machine is downstairs too, but we have an elevator like two steps off the bar so it's pretty easy

  3. Anonymous

    Get a different job. Obviously you are to stupid to work in the Bar/Restaurant industry….Ice machines are loud cumbersome but oh so necessary machines. I suggest finding employment in an office where they give you a cubicle with all you need right there so you won't have to move your fat lazy ass! Oh, and bring your own ice water!!!

  4. Dominouche95

    anonymous, you are obviously TOO stupid to be commenting about anything in the restaurant business. aside from purplegirl who has somehow managed to work in the oasis of a restaurant, ice machines are virtually a giant kick in the nuts for anyone who has the pleasure of managing the ice bin. To get ice at my job i have to carry a pale with one broken handle through the narrowest kitchen down a flight of steep stairs, that have a completely 90 degree turn down into the abyss of what my owner calls a basement, fill up the ice and then bring it all the way back only to have the kitchen staff pretend its a fucking punching bag. the ice machine sucks. Youre a moron and odds are you just a fat, lazy, cubicle worker who needs to get some. Never stop writing bitchy waiter.

  5. Waiter Extraordinaire

    The problem is and always will be that restaurants design things so that space is not taken up by items that do not generate income. The dishwash area is another location that for 600 people a night you barely have enough space to pile your dirty dishes during busy rushes. Or there isn't enough cutlery or water jugs etc. I spend a lot of time where I work just looking for spoons. Crazy. Ice machines are necessary but an eyesore and take up too much room.

  6. dirtydisher

    Ice machines are always miles away. It's total retardation. Always the same, tote a dirty bucket 17 miles for ice, like you have nothing else to do. Have customers ever seen the mouldy botton of their ice bins? I've found fake finger nails in them. I left them.

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  11. sarah

    I once worked somewhere where we had to fill the buffet bars with ice before our shift. We had to fill about 10 bustubs with ice and put them on a cart and wheel them to the buffet to fill the salad, desert, and raw bars before food went up. It took two-three trips before they bars were full. Of coarse the servers did the setting up because they didn't want to pay someone to do it, so we had an hour and a half of opening sidework, and the same for closing. It sucked. and the ice machine was in the very back of the place, while the buffet was in the front.We rotated ice duty, and you were always sweating like a pig before your shift even started.


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